Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Take it Easy Policy !

People when they face tough situations, many a times they face it really hard. But sometimes to forego the bad aftermath dissonance they let it go by taking "take it easy" policy. It is good only, I should admit. 

But when you are in a place, living for a purpose and at a time you haven't met the purpose, it is extremely inadvisable to adapt this policy.  For a sales man, he cannot use this to escape from his work pressure. Similarly a doctor cannot adopt this policy while dealing with patients.  

So, why a common man alone should adapt this for "All" regular life events when some of them can actually bring big differences? In my perspective, they should not do it for all. Learn to filter things and then apply choices. You can claim vehicle insurance only for a vehicle. Freaking straight isn't it? Similarly you can take only easier things easy. Damn straight. 

Ultimately, "Take it is easy is only for Issues in life, not for the Purposes of life"

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