Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There is no difference you bloody man!!

She is from Belgium; now on her way to Sri Lanka to see a Swamiji and to become his devotee. That’s good! A Belgium lady is inspired by our culture and staying here as a disciple of someone. Good!
It was a nice conversation with her until I asked about her religion. She said “NOTHING” that actually amazed me, because the word nothing really means a lot. I got hyper curiousness and wanted to dig more into her beliefs to know whether I was cast away from her way of finding God (sorry for using this word ‘god’ but being an atheist). She said she was a devotee of Swami Premananda, Swami Nithyananda(truly) and as I said, now she is on her way to Sri Lanka to find some other “Swamiji”. Laughter came just like you, but she said all those complaints and scandals are false and created to defame the so called living Gods. Her explanations and justifications were very interesting per se.
With some insanely developed instant respect I looked at her and asked “what do you think about atheists”? She said, “Hmmm... They are those people with very less integrity, who do no respect god, do bad things and be bad examples to their descents, blah blah blah… “. I was again amazed to see a NUN like person piling up complaints about the people who are not her way. I didn't get any reply at that moment to her. After a quite minute I said I am an atheist. (an excellent reaction she gave after hearing me).
“Ok. Let’s talk about something else” I said. But she went deep in booting theists and their behaviors. She asked me about why I became an atheist and what my beliefs are. I said that the only thing we should do is to establish a trait and follow that. Our life is full of decision making and sticking to that. If you stick to your words there is no need for a GOD which according to me is created to make people think of something is watching them when they go wrong and to attribute their failures in the name of fate. “If you think.. you will get to know, If you know.. you can get to do, If you do.. you will get what you deserve to get, but all we've to do is to think right and good” is my policy. Sigh. I think I talked something annoying to her but somehow managed to put a few points without leaving her a gap to argue.
Slowly I asked her about India since the previous topic was little combative and boring. I could see a Tejas in her face that she could not have got even after a long meditation. She started interestingly to pile up various beauties of India like heavy dust, littering on road, peeing on road, stringy traffic, mass of roadside beggars, and all complaints starting with all alphabets. The highlight was, she said “since the place is like this even I don’t hesitate to litter on road. Because nobody cares you see”. Shock!! Am I still talking to a hardcore theist who was talking some philosophy and goodness till now? Where those entire so called Gods have gone from herself? Where is the GOD way convention? Does any God allow anyone to violate rules? Does any God get satisfied simply with hours of pooja and no real devotion? Where is your devotion going? + xn no of questions in my mind.
Then I thought even animal do things better than her (mind she is a hardcore disciple of some swamiji). I found one thing. Being an atheist or theist doesn't make any sense but it makes terrible sense from what you are doing with the name of God. God is to guide us, not always to forgive us. God is to teach good things, not to excuse your wrong things. God is to set a rule, not a tool to change the rule. God is to open our eyes, not to follow some stupid things blindly. Besides all these facts about God, there is nothing called a God in some stones or pictures. God is within you!. What you think is the God!. How you do things without doing anything bad to others is God!. I know all these are been said in that wonderful Tamil movie ANBE SIVAM. But stillll…..